Architectural trends for 2017

Recently we shared our views on architectural trends for 2017 with the South African Home Owner ‘Trends 2017’ special edition team.

3 Steps to your Designer Home (3/3)

The third and final step to your designer home is the construction phase. In the previous post, we discussed in depth the first step of buying the vacant stand and the second step of designing your home. The construction phase is the longest and the most demanding (physically, financially and emotionally) stage. Here are the…

3 Steps to your designer home (1/3)

Most people dream about designing their own home at least once in their lifetime. The growth of new residential developments in recent years presented good opportunities for many to finally fulfill that dream.

3 Steps to your Designer Home (2/3)

Find out about the two big mistakes you should avoid as the client during the design phase. Learn about the key inputs that inform your architectural design.